film notes:

*None of these films are unsuitable for children, but the asterisk marked films do have language cautions. These are the ones in which the language is noticeable. There are others with PG language cautions, but they are so brief that they are not evident.

The 2020-21 Banff Mountain Film Festival Virtual World Tour has launched 2 additional (and NEW) film programs, RUBY and SAPPHIRE! Line ups are below and they are available to stream RIGHT NOW. If you have not viewed AMBER or ONYX yet they are still available to purchase, or go big with the EPIC bundle that includes all four programs!

A reminder of some Virtual Tour basics:

  • Individual programs RUBY, SAPPHIRE, AMBER, or ONYX: $15 USD (3-day rental period).

  • Bundle (2 programs): $28 USD (14-day rental period).

  • The rental period begins immediately upon viewing (as soon as you press play).

  • Films can be re-watched within their rental period.

  • Customers will need to have an internet or wifi connection to view the films, and they are available only through online streaming (not download). 

  • For technical questions, visit the Help Centre for more information. (Reviewing the “How do I watch on my SmartTV” will be particularly helpful)

  • There is a Banff Mountain Festival App, it can be used to watch films, but not to purchase them. They have to be purchased on the web first. The App will let you synch programs you rented, without needing wifi, once the synch process is finished.

  • Streaming for all programs is available starting NOW!

The Virtual Tour can be purchase online through our unique link below. By using this link we receive a portion of the revenue and can continue bringing Banff to you for years to come. Please support us, your local Connecticut World Tour screening!

February 22

The Bushnell, Hartford, CT

February 23

Shubert Theater, New Haven, CT

TICKETS on sale



March 7

Garde Arts Center, New London, CT